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Steering Committee Meeting 9-18-02

Meeting Notes: Steering committee meeting 9-18-02
Notes written 8/19/02 by Toby Sackton

The LJPC steering committee met Wed eve Sept. 18. Main topic of discussion was putting together an agenda for the larger organizational meeting to be held on Tues. Sept. 24th at first parish.

Topics discussed:

Getting a permit for regular weekly vigils against the War to be held every Wednesday in October/November on the Lexington Green. Jean to take care of.

Getting a table at the East Village Fair. Seemed problematic-not sure it was appropriate. Toby to follow up with phone call, then we'll decide.

Stan very concerned about continuing letter writing campaign. At Follen last Sunday, around 100 letters were sent to Kennedy, Kerry, and Bush. First Parish is doing letter writing this Sunday.

This should be considered by the outreach group to the religious communities-maybe more of the social action committees would sponsor letter writing.

Up coming demonstrations: Bush is coming to Boston Oct. 4th-for fund raiser for Romney at Seaport Hotel. Ideal venue for demonstration.

Oct 20th: Boston mobilization organizing an anti-war march.

Oct 5-6 AFSC organizing conference at Simmons. All these and other items will go in calendar on the web site.

Arthur will be out of town for meeting.

Agenda for Tuesday meeting:

Start 7:30 PM
End (9:15 PM

5 Min Welcome and discussion of our connection with UJP: Tina
15 Min Introductions (around the room, brief).
5 Min Upcoming events (Calendar): Ann
10 Min Intro to Work Groups and invitation to join steering committee: Toby
30 Min
Divide into breakout sessions to form working groups Vigils (Jean)
Demonstrations (Arthur/Tina)
Letter campaign to Congress (Ann)
Forums and speakers (Toby and Stan)
Outreach to Religious Communities (Pat)
30 Min Groups Report Back: Pat
10 Min Closing: Pass the Hat, Sign Ups, Publicity

Other assignments:

Religious Outreach Pat- call Dan White at Hancock
Toby call Debbie Z. at temple Isaiah
Jean: Permit
Ann: bring newsprint for meeting



For more information contact:
Lexington Justice and Peace Committee

781-674-9338 or 781-861-6154