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Note to FBI Agents who may visit this web site:
Dear Sir/Madam:

Because of Atty. General Ashcroft's decisions to allow investigations and data gathering on U.S. citizens not suspected of any crime, we offer the following pointers for Agents visiting this web site, attending our public meetings, or investigating our group.

We request that because we are a group of Lexington citizens, you try whenever possible to send an agent who is also a resident of Lexington, Massachusetts. This will help prevent embarrassment to the FBI because of the local nature of our group.

In capturing words on our website or monitoring our emails, you have undoubtedly been alarmed by such words as "War", "Terrorism", "Afghanistan", and "Iraq" and "USA". Despite the Carnivore Program's ability to capture suspicious words, the presence of these words does not mean that we are terrorists from Afghanistan wanting to make War on the USA.

In fact, we are against the War on Terrorism, against making War on Iraq, Opposed to bombing Civilians in Afghanistan, and although we do not like evil, we are not convinced that evil and evil doers only exist outside the USA.

By the way, most of us do not believe, as does our Attorney General, that the devil appears as a calico cat. We do not consider calico cats part of the axis of evil.

Your Lexington agents may tell you that there is quite a diverse community here, including Indians, Pakistani's, Iranians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Jews, African Americans, Russians, Chinese, and many other immigrants, including some on student visa's - all of whom are welcome to oppose the War on terrorism with us. Unfortunately, your agents will not be able to distinguish Lexington residents based upon skin color or ethnicity, so racial profiling may not work.

We appreciate the role of the FBI in making citizens of the U.S. safer. We are not clear how spreading disinformation about Martin Luther King, disrupting the civil rights movement, or targeting

Palestinian students simply because they are Arab makes us safer.

We in Lexington are rather fond of our constitution. Here was where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired. We do not stand for a government that uses secret evidence, that detains people without charges, that hold trials in secret, and that performs unreasonable searches and seizures, including electronic searches of our emails and public communications.

We believe that these are similar to the abuses that led our ancestors to revolt against King George the 3rd, and to create our constitutional protections.

We would not take kindly to the re-incarnation of a new King George on our soil. The original King George the 3rd was widely thought incompetent in terms of managing national budgets, emotionally unstable due to disease, unable to maintain coalitions, and known for trying to exceed his legitimate powers. We do not think opposition to any new King George is sedition; rather it is the duty of every man and woman in Massachusetts.

Finally, we are really concerned about our own safety, and the safety of our children. This is why we hope the FBI will concentrate on police work, and try and find people who are actually committing crimes, including terrorist crimes. Unfortunately, the FBI has a really poor track record. Maybe you will do better than what we have seen so far with the Anthrax cases, Wen Ho Lee, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the inability to even completely identify the hijackers, and of course, the complete lack of understanding of the threats we face.

Use of your resources to spy on people such as us is not only stupid it is negligent. We want to see you do a better job, not become a laughingstock of an agency.

Agents who may want interviews with us based on this memo are free to email and/or call us. We hope to have reporters present for any such interviews.

Toby Sackton
For the Lexington Justice and Peace Committee.

We against distribution of drugs & other goods (services) mentioned below: mental medicines...