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The following list represents various documents and articles we have come across that are worth reading to give some perspective on the war on terrorism, and how resistance to a wider war is developing
Daily Toby Sackton's Blog on Salon.com, describing organizing a peace movement in Lexington Let it Begin Here
March 19, 2003 Today, I Weep for my Country...
by US Senator Robert Byrd
Speech On Senate Floor
Sept. 18
Saddam's concessions will never be enough for the US -Simon Tisdall The Guardian U.K.
Sept. 8 After terrorism, country must focus on peace Lexington Minuteman
Sept 5 The Troubling New Face of America - Jimmy Carter Wash Post
Aug 24 John Ashcroft's Hellish Vision of Internment Camps LATimes
Aug 8 Civil Liberties Update from Nancy Murray, Massachusetts ACLU Civil Liberties Update
Aug 2, 2002 Yoel Marcus, writing in Haaretz on the Israeli Radical Right Wing Brown Shirts who go from Funeral to Funeral fomenting hatred and civil war A Green Light for Murcer
July 31 Rabbi Arthur Waskow Comments on Sheikh Shehada Assassination The lightning flash
July 24 Scott Ritter (Former U.S. Weapons Inspector in Iraq) Speech in Boston on July 23, 2002