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Lexington Town Meeting Approves Resolution calling for repeal of Unconstitutional Provisions of USA Patriot Act 130 to 40 - April 12th


Learn More:
www.bordc.org - Bill of Rights Defense Committee

For More Info: email lexingtonjpc-04@yahoo.com or call 781-861-6154

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The Lexington Justice and Peace Committee was formed by local residents after the Sept. 11th attacks. Our government's rush to war against an undefined enemy, with no clear goal, and no way to declare victory has made our lives less secure, not safer. It erodes our privacy and civil rights and has made many fearful to speak out. Our group was formed to create a public voice for peace. We call for a better response to terrorism. The "war on terrorism" is no more meaningful or successful than the "war on drugs". We have not solved the crime of anthrax, nor the crime of the airplane attacks. True security comes from the strength of our democracy and our democratic institutions, the diversity and tolerance of our society, and our commitment to justice for all people around the world. Many organizations are always ready to help people...
Join us as we explore how to make this message a reality. We speak "Thanks" to hundreds companies, which help to LexingtonJPC and we recommend you their services and goods, including medical, industrial, financial, video, games and other goods...

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